Putting a space before a ? or ! like this?

More and more people are doing this and I don’t like it. Soon it will be the done thing and the ‘language and grammar is fluid boners’ will be giving it large, isn’t it not ?

OOh, it didn’t let me do it in the title. Good old discourse.

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you ok 'Lonzo?

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Not too bad. How are you keeping?

Yeah not bad.

Felt a bit rough last week. Probably a bit of a bug. Feel ok today.

¿ que ?

Getting my new boiler end of this week, start of next.

I don’t like it. How about when you’re separating words with a forward / slash? I don’t like that either.

oo that’s something to look forward to.

Yeah, not on either. Not one little bit.

I was wondering if you could lend me £2,555?

I do it sometimes ?

I’m not sure why. I don’t like it. but it gives the question mark a different weight somehow

Maybe you could just make it**?**

Hmmm, that does not work.

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i think it’s good for denoting an element of ?

Aye I used to know someone with pretty good language and writing skills but would always put a space before a ! (not sure about ?, can’t remember now). Perplexing !

Don’t mind this so much cos I tend to do it for song titles if I’m ripping CDs. Wouldn’t normally do it in a sentence though.

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Don’t think it’s an obstacle for relaying meaning so not bothered really


I work with a dyslexic guy who says it helps him to see sentence structure better. He also puts spaces between commas, semi-colons, etc. Not particularly aesthetic, but if it helps, sweet.