Putting bacon in a stir fry



Have some leftover bacon from a nice pasta pasta dish I did yesterday, need to use it up. Thinking of putting it in a stir fry tonight (otherwise would be just veg). Is this weird? It seems weird.



Yeah, don’t do this


But it’s fusion cuisine!


depends how bad you were planning on making it otherwise, I suppose




Not weird; I say go for it.


When you think about it though, right, pasta and noodles are basically the same, and bacon with pasta is fine, so…


noodles are basically bread, and who doesn’t like a bacon sandwiches?


I think it’s fine.

Imagine if I said “Pork stir fry”? You’d probably nod your head.

Now replace “Pork” with “Bacon”?! Same thing really.

:pig2: = :pig: = :pig2:


don’t be a knob, hyg.


Now you’ve got it!


I would never dare.


Do what you want dude, I trust you.


Could make some pancakes with it instead?


Wow, the new boards really are different. Big love, fella.


Bacon stir fry, making bacon stir fry
Get some bacon and I put it in a stir fry
Bacon stir fry, cos I’m that kinda guy
Bacon stir fry!


Fuck. Off.




Depends what else is in it


Standard stir fry veg back, plus some peppers and broccoli.