Putting ice in front of a fan (poll)

does it make the fan blow colder air?

  • yes
  • no
  • not sure

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Makes a mess


I’m doing it right now and it’s nice

Was doing this last night with the plant mister. Would recommend

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I had a 2 litre bottle of pepsi I filled with water and froze then smashed it into big chunks, every now and then I’ll just grab a chunk out of the bowl and…dunno why I’m even describing this I think the heat’s got to me sorry


Think this works as a temporary fix but overall just adds to the humidity in your room making you feel hotter

Done it twice and I don’t think it works. Might put it behind the fan next time

I’ve been pouring it right into the fan mechanism


Some great threads have come out of this heatwave, I’ll give it that

you could say…you’re a person who appreciates them!