Putting on smart shoes

  • Unlace/tie back up
  • Shoe horn
  • Break the back, wiggle the foot in

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God this thread is exciting


Don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone use a shoe horn irl


Just don’t ever wear smart shoes isn’t it


I have but it was someone who’s a jerk


Weddings are tricky


Shoes linked to an app that tells you your laces are undone and when they need reheeling.


Never get invited to weddings because a) I have no pals and b) I am a scruffbag

(This isn’t really true but I am going to a wedding soon where I can wear PRACTICAL FOOTWEAR YESSSS)


I bought a really nice pair of DMs to wear to the last wedding I went to. Foolishly didn’t break them in, and completely mashed my Achilles heel because of it on the day. I really should try and break them in so that next time I’ve got call to wear them they don’t cause me pain. According to the internet there’s a trick where you take a hairdryer to the back of the shoe and then wear the shoes when the backs have softened up, so that they mould to the shape of your foot.


Slip on smart shoes

  • I own and wear these
  • I am no longer a schoolboy

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I like a brown shoe with a black trouser. Always have, always will. Anyone who’s got an issue with this can swivel.


I have some DM chelseas that I can usually get away with unless I’m wearing slim-fit trousers


The sliding thing’s just deceptive. It seems easier and quicker but it’s just not.


One day out of five you can do it but most of the time you’re just sort of stood like an idiot wiggling to no effect


Had to think about what you meant for a while



That said, it’s hard finding a good robust but comfy brown shoe that’s both businessmanlike and soft-soled but doesn’t give off a late nineties Dr Karl Kennedy vibe or make you look like a work experience lad at his first job.


Feel free to show me pictures of smart shoes you’re wearing

I don’t have a foot fetish (of that kind)


Only wear smart shoes to weddings and funerals. And sometimes to look snazzy, which isn’t often.


You should snazz more m3


I considered snazzing it today, got some new boots, they’ve got a heel! Awoooo. But I feared new shoe potential pain so vanned it.