Putting spirits through a Brita water filter so they lose their flavour

Not really sure what to make of this

I mean obviously I’m not really sure why you would buy tequila if you don’t like the taste over any other spirit that has a different taste. But the guy says people have been doing this with vodka.

Are Americans not really familiar with the concept of mixing cheap grim tasting vodkas with larger amounts of Coke/Orange etc. to make them palatable? @NeilYoung ?

Was hoping this would be about ghosts/ghouls.


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Got me pal. Thats why i stick to the Rocky Mountain refreshment of Coors. Always superior taste.


I remember people talking about doing this twenty years ago. Until now, I was convinced it did make vodka taste better, but now I’m starting to doubt it.

The way to make vodka nicer is to freeze it


Throw it gleefully down the sink and buy a nice dark spiced rum


If your vodka tastes rubbish, it’s because you’re buying cheap rubbish. Cheap rum sets your throat on fire unnecessarily too

Good vodka is amazing stuff! I used to do a 50/50 dilution of frozen vodka and fridge-cold water to open it up a bit flavour-wise

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I put my spirit through a brita water filter so it loses all its flavour for 37.5 hours every week