Do you enjoy doing puzzles, or in other words do you get enjoyment out of doing them? I sometimes worry that I don’t, I’ve no inclination to waste time on them.

I was going to post this before but thought that it was too rubbish to post but marckee’s thread this morning made me think if I don’t post it now, i never will.

Big fan of puzzles in point and click adventure games, yer Monkey Islands and whatnot.

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if i can do them, yeah
if i can’t, no. they’re dumb and for idiots to waste time on.


I suspect that this will be an uncomfortable truth for people

cant stand them. Completely pointless, the pictures on the front!!
Can understand problem solving puzzles and people enjoying them

If I have the time to devote to a puzzle, I enjoy having a go.

I like puzzles in computer games and stuff, too.

Don’t really like jigsaw puzzles or sudoku.

My auntie gave me a nice bottle of wine with a wooden block lock type puzzle on it. Obviously you had to solve the puzzle before you could get to the wine. She gives me this in front of my friends and cousins and they all sat there watching me attempt to break into this puzzle for a painfully long time, getting increasingly frustrated and thirsty. I think she may have been making a comment about my drinking habits. Whatabitch.

Anyway, yeah, puzzles are okay.


Yeah, decent board games (etc) engage the problem solving part of the noggin, and I enjoy those.

Wouldn’t bother with sudoku or some shit, though.

Not especially - I enjoy a mental challenge from penoid stuff, but I will just google any puzzle shoehorned into a computer game.

Gotten into trying to do the whole puzzles page in the Evening Standard on my tube journey home. 50 mins - Gogen, Sudoku, that word circle thing, Quick Crossword and Codeword. Very rarely get all 5 done but it passes the time.

I like a logic puzzle like this morning’s to get the brain going. I like a jigsaw because it’s relaxing, you can whack some music on or whatever – great shit.

Sudokus can get to fuck. I’m apparently shit at them, which annoys me immensely. I’m not bad at maths, or putting numbers in boxes. Wankers.

when i was a kid i used to make all my aunties and cousins race me at sudoku

Big fan of puzzles. I’ve currently got a family holiday in a few weeks time where we have hired a house down in Cornwall and, once my Nephew goes to bed my Brother, Sister (and respective partners) and I will be breaking out various puzzle games and the booze to while away the evenings. Shall be playing the “Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective” game to try an crack some of the cases as well as one of those Room Escape games in a box.

I don’t mind puzzles but I hate the ones that unlock the gates to hell and all that stuff.


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