Pyjama Llama Party

Don’t know about you but I tend to change into my PJs the moment I get home because comfort.

These are them, they’re boring as fuck (feet hidden because of nakedness) -

I tend to accompany them with whatever tshirt I have handy. I have no doubt you guys can do better than this, let’s see your pyjamas! You obviously get extra points if they have llamas on them, or bananas. Basically anything that sort of rhymes you get extra points.


I sleep in my pants, sorry!

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I did consider this. DiS do seem like the type that potentially sleep nude. Hmm… this thread might not go well.

Haha, me toooo!!

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Don’t wear them. Just wander about in my pants and shirt complaining the place is too cold and sleep NAKED :open_mouth:

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However, I was telling a colleague about those farty pants that someone posted the other day. And guess what, they also make farty pyjamas!

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Haha, for gods sake. Do they only make them for women!?

I sleep naked

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But I can’t imagine a man being ashamed of their farts

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Ugggghhhh, Ant. I’m disappointed. You of all people I imagined to have the most flamboyant PJs of them all.

You’ve very much misjudged my taste in clothing there I’m afraid

Not exactly pjs, more loungewear, but I’m genuinely in love with my Aztec print joggers. Would wear them to the office if possible.


Just the pair of boxers for me in bed, Clive.


Your knees look fabulous!!!

@kermitwormit Yeah, I like the idea of them too but I would never ever wear them. Was eyeballing these -

But I most like tucking everything in soooo, they’re not ideal.


Will also sneakily get back into my boxers after sex too. Enjoy the’support’ offered by a good pair of briefs.

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Haha, isn’t it quite normal to get dressed again after sex? I’m sure you don’t need to be too sneaky about it.

Apparently no, it’s abnormal to do this in my experience. Obvs if you’re going somewhere then it’s necessary but if you’re hunkering down for the night after the act then apparently it’s a cold and clinical move, putting a bucket of water over the flaming passion.

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“DON’T YOU DARE PUT THOSE BOXERS BACK ON. Did the last 5 minutes mean nothing to you!?!”


Exactly that.

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Maybe the fact he’s naked will be more likely to scare the burglar off? HAHA, I think I’d be more terrified if a naked person tried to fight me than if they were clothed. Means they are hard as nails and a bit nuts.

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