Q1 Last.fm Inspection 2022

Has Last.fm scrobling become spotty for anyone else over the last couple of weeks? Half my listens aren’t scrobble at all now, despite the notification in my phone saying they are doing and the rest are generally only turning up later after a few refreshes.

After one refresh yesterday my profile in the app briefly had what looked like someone elses scrobbles on. Weird

I have never been able to reliably scrobble from any sort of mobile OS, it’s always patchy at best. Sometimes the Scrobbler will store hundreds of plays and dump them all in one go with fucked up time-stamps, other times it literally just forgets scrobbles and if I notice/remember to I end up manually inputting them if I can be arsed. If it has gotten worse recently I’m afraid I haven’t noticed, sorry.
Only scrobbling I’ve ever been able to (mostly) count on is from iTunes in Windows.

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The whole thing went down about a week ago, but came back up after a couple of hours, other than that it’s been fine.

Wbat are you using to scrobble?


QuietScrob is (as far as I’m concerned) 100% reliable for mobile scrobbling, from Apple Music App (non subscriber, just what I’ve ripped from iTunes). Even scrobbles songs <30 seconds.

Spotify scrobbling sometimes goes offline, but they’re seemingly always banked and then added when server is back online. Oddly the other day, Spotify was scrobbling was 30 minutes in the past.


Thanks for the replies @Yvash, @almal100 amd @tatesmithee. I’m using the Last fm app, which worked perfectly between Spotify & Last fm until a couple of weeks ago - playing anything on spotify would instantly show ‘scrobbling now’ on my profile on the Last fm site. These scrobbling apps all seem to need special permission to read your notifications…which makes me twitchy tbh. I’m not comfortable with it, but stuck with Last fm’s as the biggest name.

Looking at the last fm status twitter page, it reads like they’re having a few server problems at the moment, and the site itself has been down a bit recently? From today’s listens, only two tracks from most of the Weeknd album scrobbled, Kevin Morby gave up half way though and thne Roxy Music missed the first few songs:

…and then I hit refresh and this was listed as the only song I’ve ever played (never heard of it):

Then a little while later it was only showing Little Mix tracks (who I hadnt been listening to either?). Anyway, just restarted my phone…which seems like it might have improved things for now at least. Weird.