🏆 Qatar 2022: Day Seven

Senegal knock out the hosts, the Dutch probably won dunno no one watched it, Wales shit the bed late on, and Merkins beat England 0-0. ON TO DAY SEVEN!

:tunisia: :australia: 1000: Group D - Tunisia v Australia (BBC)
:poland: :saudi_arabia: 1300: Group C - Poland v Saudi Arabia (ITV)
:fr: :face_vomiting: 1600: Group C - France v Denmark (ITV)
:argentina: :mexico: 1900: Group D - Argentina v Mexico (ITV)

Three games on ITV today, you lucky fucks.


France Paris GIF by Aya Murata


Allez Les Bleus!
Fuck your pastries!

If you can’t be arsed with :toilet: Poland v Saudi Arabia then at 1245 on BBC there’s Kings Lynn v Stevenage in the FA Cup, and Forest Green v Alvechurch at 1500.

  • Tunisia
  • Australia
  • Draw

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  • Poland
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Draw

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  • France
  • :fr:
  • :chicken:

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  • Argentina
  • Mexico
  • Draw

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Up the @colon_closed_bracket s!

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Denmark seem to play France as much as they do Ireland

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Sorry good eggs but it was very funny all those cameras set up in fan zones for silly pint throwing action and then england decided to create half a chance.


I’ll be there in person! You might get to see me on the telly!


I like Southgate and think a lot of his criticism is unfair… but it’s quite frustrating that his inability to change tactics, or even tweak them slightly, is still as problematic as it ever was. I still fancy us to top the group, but last night was a bump back down to earth.

Also disappointing was that we almost had a full day without a bore draw. Hopefully today is better.

Would happily watch all of those, won’t get to watch any😭

Southgate “this is the tournament of external noise”

Reckon behind the scenes he wants everyone to be quiet like Souness. Penalty missing prick can’t wait until he fucks off.

So far I’ve watched on telly MEX POL, DEN TUN, MAR CRO, second half of BEL CAN, URU KOR, the first halves of POR GHA and BRA SER, the first 80 minutes of WAL IRN and that England match last night. Still haven’t seen a goal. It’s getting weird now.

I have no plans to watch any of today’s games on telly, so expect many goals.


Yesterdays thread worth reading?



Shame got 19 minutes to kill

Hurry up and get more football started so I can wash away the taste of that nonsense last night

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Dull day of WC today. I think I will read a book.

  • Southgate deliberately drew to avoid the Dutch in round 2, a sneaky masterclass
  • Nah England were just shite

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the giant trophies on the pitch before the match will just make the real one look pathetic in comparison

they’ve shot themselves in the foot there