⚽️ 🐪 Qatar 2022: Day Three🐪⚽️

Him saying HQ made me think about whether or not Keysey is a rugby fan.

Instinct says no but then imagining him saying ‘twickers’ has got me leaning yes


Looking forward to another 453 minutes of prime #WorldCupFootball today


Got today off so I’m going to wrap my Christmas presents whilst watching the first match. A strange combination but I could get used to having constant football at this time of year.


They may not agree with the referee andy, but they respect his decisions.

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Doesn’t watch it but has been in a box at Twickenham countless times


Far, FAR,too much Richard Keys coverage happening in here today


Bet a lot of money he is mates with WILL. CARLING. and by mates I mean they have met at one charity function in 2003. But Keysey considers him a mate.

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Wonder if commentators around the world are currently practicing their ‘he won the FA Cup with Arsenal’ line for Martinez

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England scored 6 in one of their games in 2018 and totally stunk up the rest of the tournament so I’m reserving judgement on whether they’ll be fun or not

Clearly a decent side though, well done mr southgate

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Got Argentina in the works sweepstake. High hopes for these lads :slight_smile:

Reckon they’ll get something out of this game


Watching Messi at the World Cup on a Tuesday morning is a lovely little treat


You and everyone else


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Wonder how full this stadium will stay if Messi gets subbed off

Yes ITV!

isn’t it. looking forward to closing the office door and pretending i have some really important work to get on with :slight_smile:

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We’ve got Martin Tyler doing solo commentary for a lot of the games. Doesn’t feel quite right.

Argentina 4-1.


  • Routine 2-0
  • Tense late 1-0
  • Absolute drubbing

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Messi should have buried that like a bad memory.