Qatar 2022 thread

We all know that elite football is currently a cesspit of the worst combo of ultracapitalist corporate & betting sponsorship, oilball & sportswashing

But Qatar 2022 is even worse than you thought

This was released at midnight

Here’s just 6 examples of healthy men in their 30s dropping dead, none of their familes have received any compensation

And aside from the actual human cost, this is an eyebrow raiser;

Approximate cost / budget for the World Cup

South Africa 2010 €2.5billion
Brazil 2014 €13 billion
Russia 2018 €9 billion
Qatar 2022 €180 billion

Seems legit

Worls Cuo!

Plans, predictions, feelings etc for Qatar 2022 ?

What makes this even more disgusting is the population of Qatar is only 2.8m - equivalent cost of over €60k per head, 1000 times the cost per head for Russia 2018.

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doesn’t even include any bribes either


Proud of the Socceroos


Makes me wonder how much a UK and Ireland bid would be. Aren’t there only about 3 grounds between them that are up to FIFA tournament regulations?

There is obviously going to be a ramping up of stuff after the Socceroos video suppose Denmark started it off but so long as the big teams keep shtum or just pay lip service and these sort of videos are going to last a news cycle at best sadly.

KLF etc

Least it’ll be someat to watch next Sunday


So, start’s this week.

How are you feeling?

  • Completely nonplussed
  • Mild anticipation
  • Excited
  • Anxious
  • Dreading it

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I’m struggling to feel any excitement. Feels really odd that we’re playing in a week. Not jus the moral elements which are awful, but the weather feels completely wrong for it too doesn’t it.

Have noted that TV adverts are as Christmas heavy as you’d expect this time of the year. Wonder if advertisers are decided to broadly steer clear?

I don’t have a wallchart yet, which is, I think, the perfect measure of excitement levels


I’m nonplussed that so many people are nonplussed given it was announced ages ago.

first I’m hearing of it


This needs going in here as well

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Why am I hearing about this kid endlessly in the last week?


Might be because normal football has only just finished but there hasn’t been the same media blitz as usual has there?

I’ve posted this in 3 football threads since Friday, he met Geoff Shreeves yesterday and has been to 2 matches because he’s American and supports Ronaldo who hasn’t been there. Even funnier after last night now and all.

Refused to buy my gf a sticker book but don’t think she’s noticed

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I don’t understand why he is hanging out with Geoff shreeves

Was going to be in Australia but they pulled out as it would risk economic catastrophe to simultaneously hold that AND the reboot of Heartbreak High

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Still planning to watch the England games as a social games activity but nowhere near as excited as usual, for a number of reasons.


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so in summary, it’s coming home?