Qatar 2022 thread

Watched my first World Cup action today (the replay of Hennessey going full Schumacher at that guy).


Read this and was like “wtf do the likes of matteo Guendouzi and griezmann know about ship-building?? that’s a really weird team-building exercise”


what a piece of shit.

its ok kiddo, its ok. ughhhhhhh.


oh no

There were serious attempts to bring more Qatari investment to Wales a few years ago, which seemingly led nowhere - I really, sincerely hope that the Senedd don’t see this as an opportunity to become one of the ‘other home nations’ mentioned in the article who could pick up on any withdrawal of cash from London but I can also sadly see it happening.

Didn’t see this live as I was throwing the garden furniture about but this is just deeply gross isn’t it. Iran were class, dominated the game for the most part and played directly. There were fouls from both sides, it was a physical match but the idea they were especially dirty compared to Wales is just completely false, and then Logan saying it’s ‘‘in their nature’’ is just fundamentally racist.


Can’t decide if the comments are the worst thing about it or nobody on the BBC interrogating them.

Joe Cole just said its in their culture about Costa Rica fouling too :frowning: