Qatar day 16: bring on the French! Oh and 🇯🇵 vs 🇭🇷 and 🇧🇷 vs 🇰🇷

Got a good feeling about today mates, especially…

  • Japan
  • Croatia

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and who knows…

  • Brazil
  • South Korea

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Think we’re on for a clean sweep of all the favourites going through, which isn’t especially exciting but should make for an excellent last eight.

Japan maybe the only upset. But on paper the most exciting/evenly-matched match of this round.

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Amazed they’re currently winning the poll 9-0

Can anyone find odds on Japan and south Korea going through? Fancy a bit of that.

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I like Switzerland vs Portugal for this but obviously this game is more fun because its intercontinental

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Croatia will old man Japan into eternity 2-1. Absolutely no-one will love to see it.


16/1 for both to qualify

Croatia couldn’t even beat that pathetic Belgium team. Their only good game was
beating Canada who are the kind of exact opposite sort of team to Japan.
Plus there seem to be a huge percentage of racist wankers in their support, Japan all the way!

This is how they get you. You watch them and think 'there’s no way Modric is going to drag them through THIS time, he’s what 70 now", and then that’s what happens. They’ve been doing this shit for about 8 years now, they’re truly detestable.


Not for me Clive

Seems like Japan have been in all the exciting matches so far but I haven’t watched one second of them.

Will that change today???


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Quarter Finals scheduled for Friday and Saturday not Saturday and Sunday :expressionless:

Cannot believe Tomiyasu is not a regular starter for Japan. Or Arsenal to be fair.

Sadly the Japan game isn’t on ITV, so we can’t hear if Souness has any more thoughts about whether that ball was in or out.

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Underrated bit of yesterday was pochettino continually saying he hates Olivier Giroud


Bit annoyed I can’t watch this one in full. And that the BBC Radio app is fucking blocked in Ireland.

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Really hoping Japan get through but I think Croatia will edge this (in a very boring way).

A Japan Korea quarter final would be quite something.


Does this work?

I can pick up analogue 909 MW frequency here on an actual radio…

I’m a bit further north east than you though I think

It’s usually geo-blocked so you can listen up until kick-off, then it cuts out

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