Quality Asssurance rolling thread

Please use this thread to notify others when previously high quality products change/get worse, or a quality retailer lets you down in some way.

Thank you.

First up.

I wanted some plain black cotton socks. Thought, it’s payday, maybe I’ll go for a John Lewis treat, they’ll last longer than some Primark crap.

Folks, they did not. In fact I’d say they were the worst socks I’ve ever had (and this comes from someone who found a bag of NEW Minions polyester socks on a bench at a tram stop once)

Threadbare and holes in the toes within a matter of weeks! How is that even possible. Awful.

(important edit there, they weren’t worn)

Decided summer 2022 was going to be the summer I embraced vests as outer wear (you know, when it’s really hot)

Was getting something else so ordered a pack of 3 in diff colours from Assos

Man, those necklines are plunging. And I am a man with a very generously hairy chest. I would be laughed out of town.

Too much Assos, too much

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Doc Martens are shit now. RIP

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I hear all the cool kids are wearing red wings these days

Special K is 10% as delicious as it used to be. It’s probably actually healthy now or something.

Fruit pastels have gone massively down hill since they went vegan

Yes I am

Thirteen and a half years I worked in QA, thirteen and a half years. Get out of there for a couple of months and we end up with a QA thread. Hard not to take this personally really.


A distinct lack of respect, some might say.

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The extra s is for asssurance

The extra ass is for assplay

We wearing Vegetarian Shoes of Brighton now. For durability, comfort and style.

Bunches of spring onions from yer chain supermarkets now have fewer onions for the same price. It’s fucking bullshit and I’m not going to take it lying down.

If you’re with me, then please buy your spring onnys from the Asian supermarket ONLY.