Quallo St Rankings (no chat)


  1. Country Fudge
  2. Orange Creme
  3. Orange Crunch
  4. Strawberry Creme
    —really good—
  5. Toffee Finger
  6. Caramel Swirl
  7. Noisette Triangle
  8. Milk Choc Block
    —its not the 1950s—
  9. Toffee Penny
  10. Big Purple One
  11. Coconut Eclair

No chat

prince controversy GIF

(This was a GIF search for controversy but it works well for purple one too)


Will eat

Toffee finger
Toffee penny

Won’t eat

All the rest.


Who on earth is eating any of these while Heroes and Roses exist?

This is your worst opinion yet, tf man.

Everyone knows


Is the order of things

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Hi Slicky.

What’s that all about?

Just not bothered about the rest of them

Like if I had to I could manage a purple one or a coconut one. But if I could refuse and remain polite I would.

Will happily eat all of them

Top Tier
Orange Creme
Orange Crunch
Strawberry Creme
Big Purple One

Good Tier
Country Fudge
Caramel Swirl

Alright Tier
Noisette Triangle
Coconut Eclair

Eating Out Of Boredom Tier
Toffee Finger
Milk Choc Block
Toffee Penny

Doesn’t look like it to me

Basically Calpol in a chocolate case


Toffee finger
Orange crunch


Everything else

sorry by ‘everyone knows’ i mean ‘I know, and my opinion is the only valid one’

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and your problem is?

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Absolutely no problem with that. If it wasn’t for the obvious safety risks, a range of hangover/COVID-friendly Calpol Quality Streets would be amazing.

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You seem to have forgotten to log in as [redacted]

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Pretty standard rules of Xmas choc for me…

Demolish everything unless it’s:

  • orange liqueur based
  • coffee
  • hard

Big Purple one and Green Triangle the best
The rest - who cares
Have 1.5kg tin seemingly arriving AFTER Xmas now. Absolutely merked

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1: Toffee Deluxe (discontinued, again)
Last: All the other ones.