Found a frozen wallet this morning a few units up. Had a browse through, saw a few cards and then found a wrap. So I put it back. Can’t hand that into the fuzz can you?

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I thought it was “quandary”?

There’s an ‘a’ in quandary.

But yeah hand the wallet in.


What you talking about?


Quanda Ray.

You’ve been sucked into the underworld now. Like yer man Brolin in No Country For Old Men.

I burnt my fingerprints off years back.

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I’d look up the name on the cards and see if I can hand it to the owner personally. I’ve done that twice with bank cards in the last month.

It was a very standard name.

what’s a wrap?

what? the film ‘Frozen’, with drugs in?

I believe it refers to a piece of paper or other materials that has some kind of illegal narcotics wrapped inside it.

DrUgS mate!


any cash in there?

This was my first thought but just the wrap itself which i thought was an odd thing to stuff into a wallet




Might treat myself to a load of new stuff this lunchtime but that’s by the by.

(there was not any cash in there)