There are two yogurts in the fridge at work which might be mine. I have no recollection of bringing them in, but they are yogurts I buy on the regs. They’ve been in there since Monday at least (maybe I put them in there last week?) but I honestly cannot remember bringing them in. Hmm.

Got any quandaries? Shall I presume these yogs are mine and eat them?


This is actually an incredible Netrunner reference that would take far too long to explain. Well done.

So “Quandry” is a card that is


Additional info: once, someone ate a yogurt I brought in.

Also these are quite niche yogs, I’d be surprised if someone here had the same yogs tastes as me tbqh.

I suppose more to the point: why can’t I remember bringing them in?


My guess is that they’re those Arla Protein ones


Misread this on mobile as nice quiche yogs and it almost put me off my sausage roll.


Eat one, leave one. Problem solved.



One of these:


And one of these:



eat the vanilla one


Whole staff email!

(don’t do this)


Skyr huh. Fancy.

(I personally would go and buy new yoghurts and not eat these ones)


re: yoghurts! can’t remember if they’re mine you guys XD



Eat them, everyone will be too polite to say even if they’re not yours.


Eat them, but replace them this lunchtime, and see if they’re there in a few days. Then repeat forever.






Yeah I reckon I’ll do this. Worst case scenario is they’re not mine, I apologise and replace. SOLVED.


Most you’ve ever spent on a yoghurt…?

  • 50p
  • 75p
  • £1
  • £1.25

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It’s a slippery slope. One Friday I was simply “borrowing” some of the milk club milk I’m not in. Now I’m regularly stealing it


Probably more than £1.25 tbh. Love yogurt.


Same! I miss it a lot, but the coconut collaborative mango one is amazing for a dairy free one