Quark - for people who like yoghurt and soft cheese

Waiiit a fucking minute, young man.

Not having that.

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pondered quark the other day

I ponder simply wear a quark


Did you posit anything as a result?

this is TGS (The Good Shit)


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I thought I was confused, but now I know I am

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it’s disgusting

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:laughing:they doing the protein thing on this shit now! :roll_eyes:

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strange, quark.

I sat next to somebody who ate some quark the other day and kept her sandwich in waxed paper and it seemed like a good life.


Up Down strange charm

Dunno the rest

literally just finished one of these 30 mins ago

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I like yoghurt, everyone does.

I like soft cheese, most people do.

Different…things, different needs, though.

What’s a posh duck’s favourite dairy product


Think I may have posted this before but my mother is probably the world’s number one quark advocate

make love and listen to the music!

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My mum was always banging on about quark at one point

The word came up on here in some other context the other day, and I was going to make a lame joke about it, I thought no one would have heard of the stuff so didn’t bother. Feel like a right mug now

My mother is a German so mad on it.

‘oh, you’ve made another desert with quark…’

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