Queen Camilla


Images pasted so that you don’t have to give the Daily Mail any additional clicks, unless you really want to.

I never cease to be dismayed by this shite. The public considers the monarchy to be sacrosanct but they don’t really want an actual monarch. They want to choose their monarch. But they don’t want an elected head of state. It would be funny if it didn’t make us look so stupid as a nation.

Also, the contempt for and the failure to empathise with Camilla is just extraordinary. This is a woman who fell in love and was then told by a cold and unfeeling bureaucracy that she couldn’t her man. They were then told that he must marry a woman he had nothing in common with and yet their love for each other didn’t die. This is exactly the kind of story these idiots would normally lap up.

I’m not sure what sort of response I’m looking for here.

Just nothing about cycling please.


  • I’d never considered a woman in a swimsuit to be sexy before I saw this
  • Polls must have different options

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Very creepy


Find it hard to care too much about the struggles of the Prince of Wales, TBH.


She’s dead you monster!

Thought this was a thread announcing Liz’s death for a second.


It could be if you want.

I was wondering today whether they would have scrapped the male premogeniture (don’t know what that really means but Theo said it about game of thrones) if Princess Charlotte had been born first, to get with the times

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We could do it all by phone vote.

Ant and Dec would make a packet.

thought I’d lived through all the fucking Diana shite. 20 fucking years, thought I’d made it through to the other side. Now she’s back like Zombie Diana, ooooh Diana liked hot cross buns, ooooooh what was Diana’s favourite pencil case, ooooooooh FUCKINGSHUTUP




Just like it ruined the release of Be Here Now, it’s about to ruin its 20th anniversary.

I think they would have done, yes. I mean they already did the Perth Agreement and so it would have made sure a female first born was next in line.

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The Adventures of Camilla, Queen of the Desert.

We get the Daily Mail at work, and it has been constant Diana forever for the last three weeks. Absolutely fucking obsessed. Often try and work out just who exactly the Mail hate, and it appears to be anything depending on what edgelord opinion they can have on them.

Absolute cuntrag.

Did enjoy their wordvomit on it though… “Prince Charles faces a fresh blow to his hopes… according to a series of polls”.

Don’t remember the last time we ever voted on WHO BECOMES THE NEXT MONARCH.

Cunts and all who read it.

Seriously who - apart from Mail readers - gives a toss about any of this royal shite.

That said, it would be fun if they skipped a couple of generations and put a 4 year old in charge.

Not enough child monarchs about these days.

Have we already forgotten?


that swimsuit bit is incredible

I hope all 774 comments are taking the piss.