cant decide if I like them or not

whats the right answer?


You don’t.


There was something I read on Pitchfork Media which described them as ‘the best and the worst band in the world’. I think that nails it.


I want to break free is an amazing song


so good.

Riff on this is legit


that does sound quite apt tbf


Can’t stand them.

  • I like them
  • or not

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Sparks for wankers.


My dad’s favourite band. Can’t stand them because that’s all he subjected me to growing up.

Probably should give them a reappraisal, but just can’t bring myself to do it.


Killer Queen is a tune for sure


I’ve never listened to a Sparks record but whenever they crop up on old BBC music programmes I always end up thinking they sound like Queen but less terrible and with a sense of humour, and feel a bit guilty about it.


Queen were fine until Live Aid. Lowest common denominator shit after that.


Oh she hasn’t died then


Nails it even more


Hadn’t really listened to them until I saw them at Primavera and they were fantastic.


I only really like the Highlander tunes.


The intro to their live at Wembley album with the Brian May solo is brilliant


The show must go on is a good song


Don’t stop me now is a bad song