Queens of the Stone Age

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Probably wouldn’t have listened to it anyway, tbh.


Never made a bad album imo.


Liked the last album a lot.

Mark Ronson tho


Liam lynch is still getting work eh?

Last album is really underrated - I give it 8 points.

I was maybe hoping Trent Reznor might produce the next one not Mark Ronson

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What do you dislike about his production?

Pretty funny video

Tour getting announced tomorrow taps nose

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I will give them the benefit of the doubt on Mark Ronson producing, because …Like Clockwork knocked it out the park after the initial doubtful reaction to Jake Shears and Elton John featuring on the record.


Mark Ronson can make music sound rich and full. This might be really good.

That’s what I was thinking. His music is a bag of wank, but sonically it sounds alright… and I’m sure Josh will still help him dial it in.

I’m intrigued.


Like Clockwork was great, Troy Van Leeuwen in particular. If Mark Ronson brings dance vibes this could be really good (lets face it Homme has been threatening this since the Desert Sessions). If he just brings horns though it could be rubbish.

Now that would have excited me

Is this out on Matador then? Seen them posting about it. Didn’t think they’d have a band like QOTSA

Yeah, their last album was too.

Ahhhh, did not know that.

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hmm - mixed feelings on Mr Ronson being announced as producer - imo hopefully will be more like this sound wise

rather than his own work (do we really want QOTSA doing uptown funk???)

I look forward to hearing it regardless

it’s not going to sound like uptown funk or those awful radiohead/the smiths cover versions he did. has surely just been brought in to give them a more daceable groove