Queens of the Stone Age


Sounds more fun than anything else I have heard this year.


UK tour dates:

November 19 – Manchester Arena
November 21 – The O2, London
November 23 – Usher Hall, Edinburgh
November 24 – 3Arena, Dublin


Might grow on me but not very into it tbh


This’ll be a grower I reckon


Needs more Jon Theodore FFS.


3 listens






Bah hadn’t for a second entertained the idea that they would be arena shows. Bit of a buzzkill, but think I’ll still go and take my mum, who’s a big fan, early Christmas present.


aww <3 i should take my mum to a gig soon…

i clearly took too many drugs last night cause this post has me on the verge of weeping.


Exactly my reaction!


Didn’t they do TWO nights at Wembley Arena last tour? My days of seeing them are now over, at least until they’re on the way back down again…


I like arena shows.

  • Queens of the Stone Age
  • Rated R
  • Songs for the Deaf
  • Lullabies to Paralyze
  • Era Vulgaris
  • Like Clockwork

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Wrong answer jumps off to an early start


Rated R > Lullabies > Deaf > Clockwork > S/T > Era


has he just sacked off the desert sessions now :frowning:

edit: of course not, they’re his retirement fund for when the 10 year old deluxe anniversary re-edition comes out


Voted Songs for the Deaf for over all consistency but for my money ‘This Lullaby’ > ‘I Never Came’ is the best stretch of songs on any of their albums.


Songs For The Deaf is 15 years old this year, isn’t it? If they do one of those deluxe reissue things, I’d love for it to include a version without all those radio bits.

They’re fun, and I’m quite aware that most of the DJs are legends (Lux Interior!) but they don’t 'alf get in the way. You have to be in the mood.


£40 to see them live, thoughts? Not a huge fan but love certain songs and I know they’d be incredible as performers


Completely standard for a band their size


Yeah totally, more of a question of whether they are “worth” that?