Queens of the Stone Age


7.9 lol.


My friend’s seen them a few times, and he says they’re the only band he’s ever seen where you could spend the entire show focusing on any one of the musicians, and still be guaranteed a captivating performance.

…if that makes sense. I think he means that they’re all virtuoso, and they’re all intensely committed to the performance.

I’ve seen them once - Glastonbury 2011, and… well, look at the setlist:



I rarely spend loads on gigs so maybe a one-off costly one wouldn’t be a bad plan haha


The last 4 songs…I’d imagine it was a fairly mellow affair!


That is hell of a setlist. They do mix it up quite often too, fair play.

‘Better Living Through Chemistry’ :heart_eyes:


They went full prog for Song For The Dead. It was astounding.


ban request


can’t remember how much i paid to see them on the last tour but they were Very Good.


I saw them at Reading 2001 and again at 2005. Vastly different shows but both great. They probably have their best line up ever at the moment though.


dunno man… naked nick era… with dave grohl on drums…


I keep getting these!


Can’t believe I wasn’t a fan at the time. Think I went to see Gruff Rhys or something instead.


Good point. I’ve become a big fan of Mikey Shoes though, he fits the band so well. Like in this -


That was my plan, but something told me that BIG ROCK MUSIC would be a more fitting end to the festival than FOLKSY WHIMSY.

Still love Hotel Shampoo though.


I love Gruff, and for some reason had nothing but animosity for QOTSA at the time. Then Like Clockwork came out, and I heard Rated R… never looked back. Incredible band.


Paid £42.50 to see them at Wembley Arena in 2013. Fantastic show - even in that terrible aircraft hangar of a venue. Would definitely shell out similar cash again.


Saw the at Leeds 2010 and on the Like Clockwork tour, absolutely blew me away both times. They’re the first band that come to mind when someone asks to name a favourite. Oh and I may be the only person who thinks Era Vulgaris is dynamite


Yep, it’s definitely dynamite. Scientifically proven and everything.


tied between s/t and r but I’ll vote s/t to get the numbers up


I Wanna Make It Wit Chu tho :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: