Queens of the Stone Age


That set was so good. I seem to remember they let fans vote on the songs they wanted them to play for that one. Perfect ending to the festival for me.


Edinburgh gig capacity is only 2500, we seem to have lucked out (those few that get tickets haha) compared to the huge arenas elsewhere


I voted for You Think I Ain’t Worth A Dollar, which they played third! I thought: It’s nice to be listened to.


Finally listened!

At first I thought, oh no! He’s made them sound like The Black Keys! But it has a really warm sound to it and, as others have said, it’s a lot of fun.

Be interesting to see how Mr. Ronson deals with their heavier songs. If there are any heavier songs on this album.


i was at that too…and it was utterly fucking brilliant. looking at that setlist again is ridiculous

i remember around the time michael eavis saying it was the first ‘heavy’ bad they’d had in years as he was put off by what had happened at roskilde (?) i think years ago, where someone died. well, it seems the set convinced him to put on metallica thereafter :roll_eyes:


There’s more heavy music there than ever before. In recent years, as well as Metallica, there’s been Motorhead, Bullet For My Valentine, Coheed and Cambria (if you will), and this year you have Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, and The Dead Kennedys. Aces!

Had no idea it could all be traced back to QOTSA.


That’s a load of arsewank, QOTSA played in 2002 :confused:

Edit: for clarity, just 2 years after Roskilde, the previous year was called off for foot and mouth I think it was a fallow year anyway.


Metallica played because Lars wanted to.


yes, qotsa played in 2002, but it isn’t as ‘arsewank’ as you think:


glastonbury has had very few ‘heavy’ rock/metal/punk bands throughout the years, before more recently…which is a little weird when you think about what a variety of music and number of stages they have


yeah napalm death and i think wormrot have been picked by earache records which would be ace to see there :smiley:


I remember him saying that. The arsewank is it all being traced back to QOTSA… which is pure horse shit


michael eavis definitely referenced the fact that he hadn’t put on heavy bands for years around the time of putting on qotsa on again…i can’t be bothered finding any quotes, but i do recall it. i think it may have been the start of the change in policy regarding it, but who knows. it’s emily eavis, amongst others, who books everything now anyway


Glastonbury '02 lineup is my favourite of theirs.

Homme, Lanegan, van Leeuwen, Oliveri, Grohl :heart_eyes:


…meant to reply to thread not you specifically sorry bruh


Your argument’s not with me!


I do remember when Metallica headlined, and everyone treated it as a Big Thing. There was a stupid guardian hot take about how they don’t belong there, and the babies in mogwai did their tedious “bunch a SHITE” thing, and Metallica said something during their performance like “well, what do you think? Does heavy music belong at Glastonbury?!”

Yeah, it was treated as a Big Deal, like it was progress of some kind, a major revolutionary step forwards, and I just remember thinking: guys! You’re one of the biggest and most privileged bands in the world! You’re not the underdogs here! You don’t need this!

Strange business.


And apparently when I type long replies on my phone they read like they were written during a state of inebriation.


You mean when a couple people got crushed watching Pearl Jam in 2000?


Post cannot be empty… summary… whys all these shit bands getting drawn into this…


Don’t even consider Queens of the Stone Age that heavy.

Glastonbury always had rock bands. Odd QOTSA, a rock band, would be considered out of place.