Queens of the Stone Age


Saw them at The in the Park years ago and they were really dull but then saw them at the hydro about 2 or 3 years ago and they were brilliant.


Had a relisten to Era Vulgaris. It’s obvious why it’s no one’s favourites but there are a lot of great songs on there; Turning on the Screw, Sick Sick Sick, Make it Wit Chu. My personal highlight is River in the Road in to Run Pig Run.


Misfit Love is my personal favourite but all the above are great. It’s certainly better than Lullabies


Saw them twice when Rated R came out and five or six times around the Songs Of The Deaf era but never since then. Would like to catch them again but a) it’s at The O2 and b) I’m actually going to The O2 the following night for Depeche Mode and two nights running in a corporate barn might be a bit much…


This might all end up a bit Danny Dyer but I’m absolutely fucking gutted that a band I worked for at the time were due to support QOTSA in London. Day of the London bus bombs. Still freaks my nut etc. Genuninely think Josh Homme is my total mancrush. He’s just cool as fuck.


New song is awful. Hope it isn’t indicative of album quality


yep that’s the one


Yeah, it’s shite


Just dropped £45 to see them in Edinburgh thanks to this thread, pretty stoked - sold out in under 10 mins it seems like. Amazing to see them in such a small venue too


grabbed manchestoh tickets. v nice.

never seen them


new song is genuinely godawful


I love how everyone here hates everything. It’s quite reassuring!


Cash well forked out. Can’t see how you won’t be glad you did!

(And I may be in a minority here, but I like the new track and am looking forward to Villains. Sorry to break up the reassuring hate and everything.)


Usher Hall isn’t that small is it?


Nope. Need to be standing to get a good sound for their… erm sound. Only been their for Ryan Adams, sitting, was absolutely perfect for his… sound


this new song is absolutely awful :smile:


Not great but not shit


Not prime QOTSA by any means but I’ll still be waiting for the new album


yeah I saw Bon Iver in there and definitely had to choose carefully in the standing


tbf it depends on the options, if it’s a band too big to play anywhere better then arena is usually better than outdoors (which is a lot of fun if it’s sunny with a load of friends but always hit and miss soundwise). if it’s a band you expected to see in a slightly smaller theatre then arenas are usually a bit shite, but i did see QOTSA in an arena a few years ago so no big surprise.

also, was in the arena in Dublin last night for somehow the first time ever for Radiohead and it’s surprisingly decent for what it is. really good layout, feels like a huge version of the Roundhouse and doesn’t feel that massive compared to the more sports stadium-layout of the Belfast one or the O2. would actually be quite happy to see more gigs there