Queens of the Stone Age


I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a bad arena show, you know. I’ve seen one (1) bad stadium show, but arenas? Really not sure. I’ll think about it.


someone in my fb said it sounds like mambo no. 5 :joy:


Just what google told me, even so it’s loads better than the Corn Exchange which is what I was expecting it to be


Yeah fair


A little bit of nicotine in my life
A little bit of Valium by my side
A little bit of Vicodin is all I need
A little bit of marijuana is what I see
A little bit of ecstasy in the sun
A little bit of alcohol all night long
A little bit of C-c-c-c-c-cocaine here I am!




‘The Evil Has Landed’. New song live in Niagara Falls 6/22/17


For any LME not keen on catching them in some soulless corporate enormodome, they’ve announced a second, more intimate London date at Wembley Arena.

Fuck that noise…


Just heard the album. Head Like a Haunted House is an absolute tune basic as anything but, I really like it.

Album on the whole is good do wonder how much of it I will come back to in a few months though.


‘Fortress’ is an absolute gem


how are people hearing it?


It has leaked


wasn’t that much of a fan of that song on 1st listen.


It was one of the ones that stood out for me after one listen. Along with Feet Don’t Fail Me and The Evil Has Landed


ok got this waiting for me at home i hear


not feeling it at all. Like Clockwork was much better


As usual (well, recently) with them, I like the sound much more than the songs


Quite enjoyed my first listen, although I’m well aware it’s one of their weakest (probably still beats Era Vulgaris for me, however).

I’d sort of hoped to see them go either full-on experimental and weird or release something monstrously heavy, but it feels like they’ve settled on their preferred sound now.


I’d love another Rated R. Something with bite and tunes.


Feel Don’t Fail Me absolutely stomps.

Absolutely loved The Evil Has Landed until the outro - saw someone describe it as “dad rock” on Reddit beforehand which marred my enjoyment slightly. Could grow on me. Probably after I see them in Nov.

Enjoyed it on first listen