Queens of the Stone Age


Oooft. That new song is a shocker. 6 minutes??


Same formula for most of the album :sweat_smile:


Lol. Why, what’s wrong with it?


You can find custom QOTSA paper at Black Axe Mangal butchers in London


Pretty sure they’re playing Reading today. Never really enjoyed them live, but might give them another chance. the new album is ok on a few listens, some nice riffs and ideas, but probably ultimately pretty forgettable.

I listened to Rated R for the first time in a while yesterday; that truly is a classic.


It’s funny how little impact Mark Ronson has had eh?


They’ve just confirmed it. 12:45 today.


Are they playing two sets then? Just saw this post that says 9:20 tonight on the Radio 1 Stage




Never mind that, The Twang’s classic debut is ten years old!


“Iconic debut”



Think the early one is Leeds


Lads this is pish


No that was the one. Meh


The Evil Has Landed is the standout, no question. The rest are not bad… but not good



I didnt like it. But now i like it. I mean, its no Rated R. But i like it


definitely sounds like they noticed how popular Smooth Sailing was and decided to try and pull off a whole album’s worth of it


Quite like the first half of the album but then am incredibly bored by everything after Head Like a Haunted House


has anyone said the new single sounds like the fratellis yet? coz the new single sounds like the fratellis.