Queens of the Stone Age


Why do so many people hate Era Vulgaris so much? It’s by no means my favorite album of theirs, but it’s still really good start to finish.

I’m coming around on the new one. It’s good, but it’ll probably go down as my least favorite of theirs. Some of it is just a personal preference thing (a little bit too “fun” at times), but it’s also the first time where you can hear him sort of reusing / reworking parts of older songs, and tracks 6 and 7 haven’t moved past “fine” for me yet. It also feels like there’s a much better, amazing song hidden somewhere in “Domesticated Animals” - it doesn’t seem to build as effectively as it could have (at least so far) and the monotone vocals hurt it. Probably still my #2 album of the month behind Brand New.


For me it gets progressively better as it goes on but by their standards it’s poor.

I’m in a massive massive minority in saying Lullabies to Paralyze is my favourite record of theirs so perhaps don’t mind me


I think so too. Lullabies and Rated R are at the very least easily tied for 1st for me. It’s long and exhausting, but in a good way, and the highs are really high.


Lullabies is so underrated. I love how weird it gets with Wolf followed by Blood.


Definitely an album of 2 halves, yep. First half has some really good tunes, but it does disappoint as it chugs towards the end.

I loved the feel and broader scope of Like Clockwork, but much of this is some way behind it tomy ears…


some of yous might like this

it’s josh homme talking about playing guitar whilst blatantly very high and sweaty.


I’ve put quite a shift in to this album now and I think it’s probably their weakest.

It’s not bad, it just hasn’t grabbed me at all. I’d be hard pressed to even say a favourite on it, and when I’m not listening to it I can’t recall the tunes.

For a band that has only put out two albums in ten years it’s a letdown.


He really has. For years I was pretty comfy in the “QOTSA will never fire on all cylinders without Nick” camp, but his bass work has honestly provided many of the highlights of recent QOTSA. He had an uphill battle considering the shoes he had to fill, but he’s earned my respect and then some.


Definitely. His playing on the new album is one of the best things about it imo.


Whats funny is he bears a striking resemblance to one of the most difficult bandmates I have ever had. Assumed he was just intolerable at first sight until I realized why I thought that.


The production on this album does nothing for me at all. It all feels very flat and toothless.


He reminds me a little of Aaron North from Icarus Line/ NIN


All this being said, I can’t help but wonder sometimes what could have been if Nick hadn’t have self-destructed. I think the simultaneous dichotomy and symbiosis of Josh and Nick was one of the most exciting things about this band. Stone cold crooner accompanied by GG Allin-channeling madman was a definite selling point. I think Josh has done an amazing job exploring his own visions for the band and has proven himself a worthy captain of its evolution, but Nick had a drug-addled and unpredictably punk quality that brought a danger the band has missed. But hey, sometimes guys ruin a good thing. I’ve seen it first hand. Can’t be helped. And in a way he played out the conclusion to a character that riveting.


Normally not this wordy. I’m drunk.


disappointed there’s no more desert sessions to accompany the later albums.



This is really weird.


Really awesome*



Sorta weird how everyone loves QOTSa when Josh Homme is such a prick and theyve got no tunes