Queer Eye

Anyone been watching the new Queer Eye reboot on the old Netflix? Really enjoying it, finding it very charming and endearing, the Fab 5 seem like a GBOL.

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No one watching then?

I had a date last night and she told me to watch it. Will report back in a few days.


Everyone on my Twitter feed won’t stop banging on about it so might start it this evening.

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Bit problematic.

I recommend it! Have been a few teary moments so far.

Thought this may have been a drama, in which case would’ve probably tried it, but see it’s a reality show, so probably not for me.

Quite like a fair few LGBTQ+ films (why wouldn’t you, seems a bit weird to even say). Remember watching My Beautiful Laundrette when i was pretty young and finding it quite effecting, and some scenes in This Life aswell. I’d argue that Milk and Moonlight are two of the best films i’ve seen full stop.

Did anyone watch Beach Rats? The trailer looked superb.

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Welcome to the boards.

I’m going to pretend you said ‘Why?’

And I replied ‘because I haven’t got netflix’.



“Reality show” is a very broad category these days. If you don’t watch anything aside from dramas, fair enough, but it’s worth a go if you like easygoing, heartwarming stuff.

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I’d forgotten about it. Will try to remember to tell Clive that we should give it a look when we get home.

I loved it. Binged it in a few days. Needed another eight episodes.


Thinly-veiled ‘I have a Netflix account’ post


Isn’t it wild that three of the five guys are now married? Brilliant stuff.

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It isn’t though. At all.

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Yes, I saw it and I really liked the first 3/4 - it’s one of those mesmerisingly naturalistic films that you just get lost in. And the actor who plays the lead is soooo beautiful. BUT the reason many people liked say moonlight and call me by your name so much is because they didn’t have that sinister violence in them and I don’t think it’s a spoiler to warn that this does and when I started to feel the threat of it I googled the ending and then fast forwarded it because I didn’t want to see it. This is not a new take on a gay coming of age film like moonlight is, is the best way I can put it. Kind of has a bit of a ‘Kids’ or ‘Bully’ or ‘Alpha Dog’ feel, it is not a hopeful film.

Watched the first three episodes last night, I love It! Nice people being nice to each other is oddly comforting me at the moment.


Appears to have been a setup for a joke

Ban them Theo.

Karamo > Jonathan > Antoni > Tan > Bobby