Queer Period Dramas

No, it was made in 1975 but it was set in the 1930s - which is when the events actually happened for real.

The Leather Boys is worth seeing. It’s not a period drama, though. It is set during the time that it was actually filmed, around 1964.

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Genuinely read “period” as “penoid” and thought, that’s a niche genre!


Leather Boys is so good!

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Stage Beauty SORT OF because he gets cured of gay in the end which is a bit grim, but somewhat a guilty pleasure of mine. I think it might also be a bad film in general, it’s a while since I watched it, I enjoyed it when I was younger and less discerning.

Something to add to “things I’ve just realised” thread - Merchant Ivory wasn’t the name of a production company, it was a couple…

I took me a long time to realise that too. For ages I thought ‘Merchant Ivory’ was a short hand for a certain genre/film like ‘Mills and Boon’ and I guess it kind of was.

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far from heaven

Can’t believe I forgot this one:

Gods and Monsters