Question about alcohol licensing

If I want to buy a lot of booze, say, to have in my office for other members of staff to drink, that’s not an activity that needs a license, right? I can go to a supermarket and buy a tonne of booze. But if I want to buy from a distributor or a wholesaler (to get the kind of prices that pubs / bottleshops can buy their stock at), then do I need to be licensed? I’ve looked at some places and they seem to only sell to licensed premises. Seems a bit silly if I want to buy more that an order from a shop would be. Also thinking of going to breweries direct to see what kind of pricing they offer.

Me and some ATDs wanted to buy a fuck tonne of booze once for a ‘shindig’ anyhoo we joined a Costco type whole saler thing and bought a fuck tonne. This was a good while ago right enough

No licence needed I meant to add

Not sure that will be “fancy” enough for my audience… also Costco lists only one item under beer and cider:

Aye alright yer majesty! :wink:
We got of vodka, gin, wine, beer etc. They had a good selection and was cheap as fuck, but like I say this was over 10 years ago.

Made, I’d be happy with a slab of Castlemaine and a sausage roll.


Incidentally how well do you know the folk at your local?! I’ve also bought booze before through albeit a friend of mine that owns a pub.
Worth an ask

I don’t really have a proper local sadly. Get on quite well with the dude at my local bottle shop but I don’t think he’d pass on cost pricing to me. Maybe a discount.

I actually have a good backup with a friendly brewer who’s offered me 10% if I make a large order, but I want to see what else is out there.

Where are you?!

I just feel like if I’m willing to buy twenty cases, someone should cut me a deal and sell it closer to wholesale than retail pricing. They’ll still make good money!

Said the creepy internet guy :grinning:

Cracktown (London).

And are you mainly looking for beer?

Aye, beer is my only responsibility (someone else is doing wine and the CEO is best mates with tonnes of whiskey people).

I reckon the guys at Freshfields Market in Croydon would be worth an ask.

They give a 10% discount on all bottles and cask beers anyway if you’ve got a Camra card or you get six bottles and they are friendly and approachable. They’re carry outs from Sanderstead are ridiculously cheap too.

They run the Croydon craft beer fesitival.

I’m pretty sure you’d be able to strike a deal with them. They have their own beer delivery club too.

I was trying to turn this into a parody of My Girls by Animal Collective but I couldn’t really get it to scan.

Quick trip to Calais and fill up the car with booze?

I am license holder but I think a place also has to be licensed if you are selling alcohol.
To buy wholesale I thought it had something to do with providing the businesses VAT no.?

I/We wouldn’t be selling.

I’ve just looked on some of the big beer websites like Eebria and Beer Merchants, it seems like their trade sales are only open to licensed businesses.

It does seem strange you cant buy large orders direct from the brewer.
Have you tried it with wine might be easier to go direct to a vineyard or something like that?