Question about doctors notes

I’ve been diagnosed with Hand Foot and Mouth Disease (apparently it is unrelated to the thing that meant farmers had burn enormous pyres of livestock) and might have to take the whole week off work (I’ve been off every day so far). But my boss has said it might be best if I get a note, and I didn’t think to get one when I was there this morning. Can they send me one? I can’t really be arsed to go back. You have to get there before doors open to get a fucking appointment.

think you have to pay like 50 quid or something for a doc note.

tell your boss to get fucked or stump up the cash.

think you need to go back tbh pal

Just give them a ring. Fwiw you don’t need a doctors note for less than a week off work.

Also gws!


this must be…a London thing?

Can’t you just get your mom to do one for you?


I think for a “private” note you need to pay. Normally workplaces shouldn’t ask you to provide one for a week off, but anything more than that to get sick pay you need one. They shouldn’t charge for that.

Actually my GP has a page about them: (the “sick notes” tab)

She’s in hospital too :cry: It’s been a very rough few weeks.

shouldnt the doctor have given you one if he told you that you might need a week off work?

also what is Hand Foot and Mouth Disease?

You can self certificate for the first week, so normally they wouldn’t dish one out unless you asked for one.

She didn’t think that, she said I could go back in as soon as I felt better. Unless you’re pretty intimate it’s hard to be infectious.

It’s a viral infection that manifests as general unwellness plus blisters on hands / feet / mouth. It’s fairly common in children but rare in adults. There’s been an outbreak at baby’s nursery. She’s had it, now I’ve got it.

I don’t know why my boss really wants a note tbh.

ouch, sounds a bit nasty! hope you’re alright

Got nothing to add re: Doctors notes.
I am in the middle of writing a report on the other foot and mouth disease though, coincidence? I think so.

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I’d never heard of it - I thought it was the cow and sheep thing. Doctor said when we were kids it was probably just considered a general virus, now they’re a bit more specific. I’m feeling okay, had a bad fever Sunday through Monday night, but not so bad since then. The blisters are very minor, not really an issue.


sorry mate


I assume you don’t have cloven hooves? If it was the real foot and mouth disease, the government would have sent the army in, set up a quarantined zone around you, say 2km radius, and then proceded to kill all living things with hooves in that zone.

Big assumption mate.

That’s not for a doctors note. That’s for like printing off historical records and stuff like that.

I had to get some for my criminal injury compensation and the surgery asked for I think £30 to print off the record.
Luckily for me the moody cow on reception just shoved the note into my hand when I went to collect it and I didn’t pay. SUCKER.

hmm… I’ve definitely been quoted something like 50 quid for a note of some sort proving I was ill (was for a coursework extension at uni), but the surgery was in Surrey so tory tory tory.

My son’s just had it (contracted at his nursery natch). Daughter had it too shortly after starting nursery. Nursery is a nightmare for general illnesses.Pretty rare in adults - rest up well.

To answer your question, our doctors surgery will do booked phone consultations with GPs and are happy to email you a doctors note where required. Particularly if it’s something infectious as there’s no point exposing other patients in the surgery to it.

Also £50? Don’t think so…