Question about eyes, mirrors and life in general


Imagine you had some kind of goggles, and instead of straight lenses they had like a periscope-type setup, where mirrors meant that the lenses pointed in different directions (e.g. one left and one right, or one back and one forwards). Would that fuck up your eyes? Would you be able to focus on anything?


No and no.


Always though it’d be nice to have a cap with nice little wing mirrors
Probably look SUPER HOT too


remember reading some article where they did loads of experiments with shit like this.

apparently would freak everyone out for a few minutes but then they would get used to it fairly quickly.


I used to work with someone who had a convex perv mirror that he had stuck to his monitor, You could get that too.


How do animals (such as the CHAMELEON) manage with eyes going in different directions?


like this?


This but on both sides

Apparently these already exist for ‘rowing’


It would be the monitor itself that seemed out of place unfortunately


“Why are you wearing those fucking stupid glasses again? They make you look like a dick!”

“Fuck you! you’re not the boss of me. I happen to think they look very stylish!”

That sort of thing?


NO more like “Oh hi I don’t know you but just noticed your cool hat, would you like to go for a lemonade?”

“I already saw you coming and have pre-prepared the delicious soft drinks”



but you could see them coming from any direction and simply run away before they started mocking you


Potential for viewing road traffic accidents happening some distance behind you too


I’m sure I read once about an experiment with glasses that turn your view upside down - after a while, your brain adjusts and processes it the right way round again. Don’t know if this is true.


Did you ever do that thing when you were a kid of pretending you were walking on the ceiling, by walking around looking down into a mirror?


Of course.


Wow you’re doing rowing REALLY wrong!


It’s the hat


When I was a kid, I used to pretend I was walking on the ceiling by walking round looking down into a mirror

  • Yes, of course, it’s lots of fun
  • Man, I wish I had thought of that
  • Wait, what?

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you know when you see one of your pals miles away and so you wave but then you have to sort of awkwardly keep walking for a bit until you reach them, smiling and looking like a dick? you could avoid all that with these, just start walking backwards everywhere then spin 180 at the last minute

plus you’d soon make EVEN MORE friends doing this because you would look cool