Question about the new Metric album

Why did they change the title of the “Sick Muse” re-recording to “Risk”?

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Those are obviously 2 different songs.

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The new album’s great. Brilliant live last month too.

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Yeah, I quite like it. Just don’t understand why they changed the name of the song.

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Yeah, Art of Doubt is brilliant. It has everything I expected from Metric and more. Few bands are able to make much such a great album 20 years into their career.

Actually, point taken.


Love, love, love Metric!! So glad to see posts here on them!

I think Art of Doubt is a culmination of all things Metric and a career highlight (to date)!!!

Metric have, at long last, released a concert DVD, Dreams So Real, which is available on (fund me) site Pledgemusic. I got it there (takes a long while shipping). Haven’t watched yet, but did see the trailer on youtube; looks amazing!!

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Metric talked about a “great guy named Sean Adams” in this 2009 interview. I wonder if they meant DiS’ Sean.

I watched it and it’s great.

@sean released one of their albums (their debut, I presume)

No I think it was the one with Monster Hospital on, although possibly their first with a UK label.

I own it as a result of that.

Ah, okay. I hadn’t heard of them until Fantasies (excellent album). Never bothered chasing up their earlier releases, and wasn’t impressed enough with Synthetica to pay them much more attention after that. Glad I gave the new album a shit though.

I think their earlier stuff is excellent: Old World Underground, Live It Out, Grow Up and Blow Away. Metric made so many great songs during their career and their latest album Art of Doubt could be their best yet.

Yeah, i released Live It Out in the UK and Emily’s solo album. Technically it was their third album, as their debut didn’t really come out, and the second album Blow Up and Grow Away is often treated as their debut, but that didn’t get a proper UK release.

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