Question for all the cyclists

…how hard is it?

I’ve been invited to a Sportive (there’s a shorter option of 30-40 miles) next week that sounds like fun…but I haven’t been on a bike for years (apart from nipping to the shops etc) and have never ridden more than about 10 miles. It’s in the Cotswolds so am assuming some hills but nothing too drastic.

On the other hand I’m reasonably fit and run two or three 10ks a week.

It’s work-related so I don’t want to embarrass myself. Should I a) take the challenge; b) be inspired to get my bike out of the garage, rack up some miles over the summer and hope for a repeat invite next year; or c) never think about cycling again?

It’s not difficult: running is far harder.

The thing you will struggle with is being on the bike for hours and being comfy. 30 miles is about 50km, would take a fit rider a couple of hours if there was about 500m of upness with maybe one stop. Do you know how much elevation is in the route (or perhaps you have a link)?

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youll be fine


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^This. 30-40 miles sounds like a substantial distance, but in reality it’s 3-3.5hrs tops. Just prepare for climbing hills at a pace you’re comfortable with and being in the same position for a chunk of time.

Most of all (if it’s a nice day) make the most of being out in the countryside and remember to enjoy it

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Thanks guys. I don’t know the route, sadly, but its somewhere around notoriously un-mountainous Banbury…

Think I’ll get the bike out over the weekend and see what happens.

Oh, and I don’t own any lycra. Real Talk: does it really make a difference?

To how sexy you look?



I gather all the hot chicks dig middle-aged men in lycra.

give it a go, you’ll probably end up loving it and doing a bunch more.

i’d recommend going for a few practice rides first, maybe an hour or so at a time to make sure you’re comfortable on the bike (like comfortable with your position setup etc)


it’s not the cotswolds spring classic is it? I’ve done that one before, was pretty nice.

edit: looks like that one was in april so not that one. but could be a similar route.

It’s great, but not essential

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normal sportswear will be fine, but you would probably find some padded shorts comfy. cycling specific jerseys are good for storing stuff like food / a jacket / tools, but you could get a saddlebag.if it’s a sportive you’ll probably have some mechanical support anyway?

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A bit like running really… can you do it in any shoes yes… are trainers better… yes, are proper running trainers even better… yes

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get some padded shorts at least. you can get ones that go under normal shorts if you don’t want to go all in just yet


This is all quite exciting. It’s not the Cotswold Spring Classic - that seems to have happened in April - so the route remains a mystery. Should be some nice countryside though.

Padded shorts sound like a good idea, but other than that I guess I can go in my running gear. I have small zippy-bag-thingy that lives under my saddle for bits’n’bobs.

I shall report back after a trial run at the weekend!


make sure your chain is lubed (ooh, matron) and check brakes / pump up tyres. after that you’ll be good to go!

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The “M” check

Ba duba check badu check

Ba duba check

I approve of this

I dunno mate, if it goes near Hook Norton / Great Rollright the roads basically go up then down then up then down… you get the picture. I did some triathlon training around there a few years back and massively regretted it.

But yeah you should do it, what’s the worst that could happen?