Question for 🚴‍♀️ 🚴‍♂️ folks

How much would you pay for this?

It’s a De Rosa Team Aluminio with Shamano 105 groupset. Practically mint, maybe even unused (it’s in a store bankruptcy sale). What’s it worth?

I’ll take it for £100

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Are those ksyrium or aksium wheels?, and does it come with them

Looks like Ksyrium to me.

Quite decent spec. Would pay some money for it if it fit me. Do you know what era 105 @BodyInTheThames

ksyrium & yes

Yeah that’s a good looking setup then. What’s it being offered for? Probably >1500 worth of bike there

there’s one on ebay. the seller has tried to sell it 3 times for £450 but no bids.

looks pretty old to me, v small cassette on the back, 7 speed??

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I meant 1500 new, sorry.

Obviously wouldn’t go anywhere near that second hand

no, only got the pic & a brief description to go on

think it’s a 2015 model

worth going up to €500 ?


I’d need more info on what kind of gearing it’s running (the number of teeth on the two rings at the front and also what cassette it’s running at the back) to make a decision for me personally (fuck riding with anything but a compact at the front tbqh) - team race models from that era may have quite racy gearing which I wouldn’t be able to get on with.

BUT ANYWAY I probably wouldn’t go that high personally.

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Potentially. With anything second hand I’d want to look at it first but if it’s all in good nick that’s about the ballpark. Maybe 450

Depends how hilly it is where he lives tbh. I’d never buy it round here because I like having working knees


thanks guys

that was all, thank you for your time and input


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