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Why does “spousal privilege” exist but not parental privilege or whatever?




@japes, please enunciate before the court

I’m filing a motion for change of venue


Deriving from the legal fiction that a husband and wife are one person, it extends the defendant’s protection against self-incrimination to his wife also[6].

looks like it doesn’t exist in scotland anyway


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Yeah but spousal privilege is about your spouse not being allowed to testify against you in court, basically assuming that it’s not fair?

Surely asking parents/kids to testify against each other is usually a mug’s game?

No idea.

Now, what invention was it that you wanted me to patent for you?

I plead the Fifth

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Move to strike!

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I move for a bad…court…thingy…




law on, lawyer

I remember listening, watching or reading something where the (guilty) man was in court and his wife was being cross examined and rather than defending him as expected, totally dropped him in it. The court then acquitted because they didn’t think she would have shafted him so thoroughly unless she had an axe to grind.

that’s all i have on the subject…

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Presumably because families can be quite complicated, whereas if two people have a marriage certificate then that’s quite simple. If, say someone had raised their nephew his whole life after the parents died, nephew called them mum and dad etc, if he did a crime would the privelage extend to them? It would be a nightmare to try and regulate

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