Question for layers

how many you got on right now

upper: one
lower: two

Do pants count?


iā€™m counting them

upper - 2

lower - 2

I am your layer brother

upper: 3- bra, dress, cardi
lower: 3- pants, tights, dress

Upper: one
Lower: two (pants and trousers, shoes and socks)

Upper - 1 (Breton t)
Lower - 2 (519s and calvin kleins)

Upper: 2 (not cold, fat)
Lower: 2 (standard practice)

If anything Iā€™m too warm.

lay on, layer

Rocking a 1:2 ratio. Pikachu t-shirt vs Jeans and boxers.

Upper: 2 (T-shirt, hoodie)
Lower: 2 (Underpants, jeans)

Is a tie a layer?

yeah. neck layer.



In that case, 2, 2, shoes and socks.

Just a cowboy hat and some crocs

T shirt
Hideous comfy ugg boot looking slippers

Upper: 3
Lower: 2

I have 2x pairs of socks on.

My office is constantly cold.

Thought this was the filth thread

Grandpa Simpson comes in and goes out again (fnarr)