Question for non-Scandinavians

In a weather report, do you know what this symbol means (not the cloud but the straight line across)? NO GOOGLING ALLOWED MATES!!!


Cloud with a bit of sun peaking through?

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chance of thor smiting you?

Cloudy halfsun

she said no googling mate

“The sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray”?


reduced daylight hours?

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sun disappearing through a dimensional rift

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Cloudy with a chance of aurora borealis?


poor website layout?

think he’s got a decent chance of making the national team this year


sun and cloud with top boarder formatting

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These are the closest ones so far. It means NO SUN/DAYLIGHT! Because of the Polar night (or “mørketid”, literally “dark time”.)

Now you know


what do i win

But there’s a picture of a sun? Right there, peeking out!? This is BULLSHIT mate

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It means NO SUN/DAYLIGHT! Because of the Polar night (or “mørketid”, literally “dark time”.)


Ah, good answer! You have all the Scandinavian knowledge, Epimer.

Today I was getting irked by accuweather’s concept of Realfeel temperature. So they were saying it was 3oc temp today where I was but the realfeel was -1 or something (was a big difference and there was no wind) and they say the ‘equation’ to work it out includes people’s perception of weather etc. BULLSHIT mate

Who? I am Bjerken Kjergen from the Fjergen Fjords. I am from Sveden.


“… In the most northern city of Sweden, Kiruna, at 67°51’N, the polar night lasts for around 28 twenty-four-hour periods…”

A month of total darkness?? FO,M