Question for non-Scandinavians


In a weather report, do you know what this symbol means (not the cloud but the straight line across)? NO GOOGLING ALLOWED MATES!!!



this is the scandinavian symbol for Hurtengurten, which translated means ‘sun of the godshine is about a half today’


Cloud with a bit of sun peaking through?


fuck! sorry. Hürtengøten i mean


chance of thor smiting you?


Cloudy halfsun


she said no googling mate


“The sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray”?


she didn’t say no Gøgling though. (that’s their search engine. it means ‘odin mind’)


reduced daylight hours?


sun disappearing through a dimensional rift




Cloudy with a chance of aurora borealis?


poor website layout?


think he’s got a decent chance of making the national team this year


I do not


sun and cloud with top boarder formatting


These are the closest ones so far. It means NO SUN/DAYLIGHT! Because of the Polar night (or “mørketid”, literally “dark time”.)

Now you know


what do i win


But there’s a picture of a sun? Right there, peeking out!? This is BULLSHIT mate