Question for other people who rent their homes

Our tenancy is up in May. The letting agents have started booking viewings, which is fair enough.


Is there like a reasonable limit on how many per day or whatever they can book? I posted in the other thread they’ve booked a load in for next week, well I just got home and checked my email and they’ve booked EIGHT viewings for tomorrow and added to the ones through next week. At the moment this is what we’ve got:

Tomorrow - 8 (FUCKING EIGHT! The first is at 9am and the last one is at 6pm)
Monday - 5
Tuesday - 4
Wednesday - 2
Thursday - 6 (SIX!!)
Friday - 5

That’s kind of fucking ridiculous, considering there’s another 4 months to go yet, no? I’ve never had this with any other place I’ve rented. Just feels a bit overkill, plus it’s still, you know, my flat until the tenancy is up, and I don’t wanna be cleaning and tidying every spare minute so prospective tenants are suitably impressed.

JFC, they just added another 3 on Wednesday. Are there no other flats in Leeds or something?

Leave a massive floater in the lav and just stay in bed.

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Haha, I actually slept through today’s viewing and when I got up the agent had left a huffy note on the TV stand saying they had to cut the viewing short cos they found me asleep and they’ll be back tomorrow.

You don’t have to agree at all and you are allowed to change the locks

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It’s shit but you’re basically screwed so little point griping about it.

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I’m no expert, but thought the deal was minimum of 24 hrs notice and reasonable so as to ensure you get “peaceful enjoyment” of the property unless you’ve signed up to allow whatever they want in your contract.

I’d say a couple of evenings and times you’re out are okay, bit that seems pretty fucked from my non renter’s view.

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Yeah, tomorrow it’s basically going to be an open house from the looks of it. Definite overkill. I’ve tried calling and emailing them but no response as of yet.

(Mrs Z and I refused access for viewings when she was moving out of her place because they’d broken so many parts of the tenancy agreement - they tried to use the inspection clause to get around to so we allowed the agent only in to do that.)

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Yeah, I mean they have every right to show the place off but surely there’s a line somewhere between reasonable and silly.

Oh, should also add that one of them let himself in on Wednesday morning (my other day off this week), with two potential tenants and I woke up to the sound of strangers in my kitchen. I’m like, what the fuck mate?

“Oh, it’s a viewing.”

“I’ve had no 24 hours notice.”

“Oh, um, tee, um, ah…”

“Besides which, you just woke me up.”

“Oh. Well, you’re up now at least.”

“Yeah, and I’m going back to bed. Jog on.”

Actually…could this be petty vengeance? :thinking:


Yeah, that’s definitely not on and a sign you’re probably going to have to quote your legal rights at them.

shame, they’ve actually been pretty good except for the last week, very hands-off but helpful when we’ve needed something doing.

Set the whole house up like in the end of home alone


They’re supposed to give you 24hr notice AND gain permission from you to access the property at the desired times. Your rights would be limited if you unreasonably said no all of the time, but at the moment they are taking the pees.