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Breakfast people -

do you actually feel hungry when you get up and fancy eating something, or is it a forced ritual?

  • actually feel hungry
  • no, force myself to eat something
  • not on breakfastbook fam

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Depends. Will eat it whether I’m hungry or not, but sometimes I’m properly hungry.


Xbox owners - do you really think you’ve made the right choice?

  • Yes
  • No
  • not on xboxbook mate

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Absolute last thing that I want to do when I first get up is eat. People that eat food within 10 minutes of being awake are degenerates.


i eat breakfast 2-3hrs after i get up

i hope you find this information useful


Generally don’t feel hungry for at least 60-90 min after I wake up so I generally wait till I’m hungry


That’s called lunch


just smoke and drink tea until 1pm. a lot better for you.

i’m breaking my fast

Normally not hungry till about 9.30-10am when I’ll have a biscuit or five at work.

Pretty sure I used to always be hungry in the morning. Now I never am and I fucking hate it.

I wake, I’m hungry. But then it will normally be a good 12/13 hours since I last ate so makes sense…if i don’t eat then I am quite likely to faint.

How soon can you shit after waking?

  • Immediately
  • Under 15 mins
  • Under 30 mins
  • Under 1 hour
  • Under 2 hours
  • PM shitter

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bet all the get up and go breakfast people on here have this as their alarm:


Having said that I’m at the old hotel again so I will shortly be filling out my breakfast form and forcing a cooked breakfast down me at 7:45 tomorrow morning purely because my company are paying and someone else will cook it :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:


Go to bed starving wake up not hungry

and act like this

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Who is this a question for?

Incredible that you find McDonalds easier to face early in the morning than cereal