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It’s a rather simple question that, strangely, I’m finding hard to discover an answer to.

In the process of setting up as a KS2 private tutor, and I just want to know what the Teachers’ Manual is. I intend to concentrate on reading, writing, grammar, preparing for SATs etc, and I was just wondering whether the Teachers’ Manual is something that covers all aspects of teaching or instead is dedicated to individual disciplines - reading, writing, grammar etc?

Sorry if this is a silly question, but I need to know the answer. Thanks!

Literally never heard of such a thing and I’ve been a teacher (secondary) for twenty years. Sorry!


Early Foreigner lyrics needed revising


In all seriousness: are you talking about the national curriculum?

The KS1/2 levels are published online on the Standards and Testing Agency site, so Mrs CCB tells me.

Personally I think the world has gone fucking bonkers if people are paying money to game their children’s SAT results at the age of 10 and 11. (Though I guess people have been doing it with the 11-plus for years … World’s a twisted place).


The curriculum

:clap: Please :clap:don’t :clap:do :clap: past :clap: papers :clap:with :clap:students :clap:

This infuriated me as a year 6 teacher. There are only three years worth of new curriculum papers and teachers need them to do practice papers in class in the immediate run up. So annoying ‘i did this with my tutor in January’. Pointless.

Sorry man but I really don’t see the point of tutors in primary.

Felt bad so I’ll be slightly helpful

Lgr11 innit

Yay I now have a pdf downloaded :smiley:

see if Mrs CCB thinks the Swedish National Curriculum passes muster


I did loads of 11+ past papers in the summer going into p7 (final year of primary) so occasionally I’d get one in school I’d seen before and completely ace it, like close to 100. Great sense of achievement :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

As long as you didn’t tell anyone you’d done it, your teacher probably went into the staff room at break like ‘so proud of so and so, he really pulled it out the bag, well done him’


Testing at ks3 generally. Fuck. Both daughters being driven to tears in year six by teachers whose jobs were on the line being told they HAD TO REVISE REALLY HARD AND OH MY GOD YOU MIGHT FAIL YOUR SATS. Arrgh. Not the teachers’ fault, it’s the system but jfc.

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Another vote for Davidoff I’ve Been Teaching English For Years And I’ve Never Heard Of This.

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i wouldn’t be a uk school teacher for less than £80k

seems like the worst job on earth - note that i specified uk school teacher, clearly teaching in general can be great at times

Oho, they’ll be asking you to go for tartan paint next, then a long stand, etc.

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