Question for touring musicians

Sup yaaall. I’m in Canada at the moment but moving back to Europe in December. I’m thinking of buying a few guitar pedals and a mic well I’m here because they’re cheaper. Will I have any trouble using the pedals back across the pond? A friend mentioned this and I’d not thought about it at all! might help

It depends on if they plug in and the voltage range they use if they do.

Most pedals use 9V inputs so you can get a transformer to provide that output over here that will plug directly into our 240V 50Hz electrical systems.

Gone are the days really when most things only worked in one electrical system: it’s cheaper for all concerned if they just have a built-in step-down transformer to take 110-240V input at 50-60Hz and make it work at the required levels.

Check that anything you buy with a mains input has that range 110-240V input at 50-60Hz and if it does you will be fine.

If they’re battery powered then all battery types are universal so you have no issues.

yep this. Always check the voltage and wattage for the appliance you want to use, but you can probably use something like this:
(Wattage = VA on that website)

Got some for my (Japanese plug) turntables, works absolutely fine

Thanks everyone. Doesn’t seem like a transformer will be that expensive…

Ive got one EU pedal on my board that needs different wattage or whatever and it drives me crazy.