Question for you cunts to answer in the morning

  • Bewitched - To You I Belong
  • Spice Girls - 2 Become 1

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Don’t think I could even hum the B*Witched song


I’m unaware of either. ABSTAIN

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:musical_note: I need some love like I’ve never needed love before (WANNA MAKE LOVE TO YOU BABY) :musical_note:

Never heard of the Bewitched one

I was going to tell a story about how I went on a coach trip to Alton Towers with a youth club when I was about 14 and on the coach they said if anyone had any tapes we could listen to them, and the only two tapes we had collectively were 2 Become 1 and Jesus to a Child by George Micheal, so we listened to those two tapes over and over, like the scene from Father Ted with the DJ who forgot to bring his records. And I was going to say that that’s how I know that the B side to 2 Become 1 was called Bumper to Bumper. But I’ve just looked it up and Bumper to Bumper wasn’t the B side to 2 Become 1, it was the B side to Wannabe! Did my memory fail me completely or were there perhaps 3 tapes? (It might even have been CDs) And I’m now doubting the George Michael one, perhaps it wasn’t a tape and it was just on the radio like, a lot.


Blame It On The Weatherman is the best B*Witched song

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That’s actually a genuinely good song.