Question Frozen Food Friends

Found some sausages in my freezer that were dated best before end of March. Chucked em in the fridge to defrost. Should I eat them? Would you eat them?
Thanks in advance. Will check in for your answers later.

Were they frozen when you bought them or did you freeze them?

If you put them in the freezer as soon as you bought them and they’ve been there since, I’d eat them. I’d probably cook from frozen though.

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Yeah, I’d fry them until the outsides are browned and then stick 'em in the oven until cooked through.

I’ll answer this quickly as I’m still on the toilet but then I really must go. I bought them fresh then froze them when I realised I would not be eating them before the best before date.

It’ll be fine.

But hopefully you’re not on the toilet from eating something else that was out of date. If so ignore my advice.


Yeah they’ll be fine, just overcook them a bit (slightly burnt sausages are best anyway imo).


Yes, they’ll be perfectly fine. Like I said, fry them to brown the outside and then stick them in the oven for half an hour or so. Then check with a sharp knife to make sure they’re cooked through properly.

another vote for fine


Yeah they’ll be fine.

If you were asking in 2 months time, when said snags had been in the freezer for > 6 months my advice would have been to not eat them.

I’ll eat anything that has been in the freezer. 6 months/2 years/before the invention of freezers. idgafm hashtagrockandroll


6 months is too short. I would make a year my limit. Have tested this theory and not died / been ill so science is with me.

don’t check the date on things that come out the freezer

if it’s in the freezer then it’s good until the end of time as far as i’m concerned


Flavour may be affected to a degree. But they won’t be harmful.

same :heart:

Yeah fair rationale that. I was just told once that you shouldn’t keep meat in a freezer for more than 6 months once and it’s stuck with me. That and once I defrosted a pork chop that had been in the freezer for over a year and it gave me astonishing diarrhoea.

I like this thinking.

I’ve had some tiger prawns in there for well over a year, maybe two.

Internet says 6 months.

japesy says forever.

honestly, i’d have no qualms about eating them. 100% go for it.

on an unrelated note, can i have your moss collection after you die?

the skies have crumbled
the stars have extinguished
the seas have evaporated
the atoms are expanding apart
Might as well have those sausages now


is moss safe to eat?