Question time - labour leadership special 🌹



earlier time of 9pm, tonight on bbc 1 :tv:

dimbleby is BACK!!

please provide acrostics below, in anticipation.


who will win

  • corbyn
  • smith
  • the people of oldham

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I’m not going to watch this, but I was thinking today, Owen Smith’s pretty much disappeared hasn’t he? Like everyone’s realised he’s going to lose so aren’t bothered with him any more.



Owen Smith to disappear in shame


he put a gobstopper in it


@blimeycharlie or rather, his campaign managers made him put a gobstopper in it



Let’s go Corbyn let’s go clap clap


*tough enuss


hahaha BOOS!!!


Is Corbyn still a thing?!


It’s like Big Brother’s Big Mouth


nice to see luke from bb9 in the audience


Can Jeremy not just buy a blazer that fucking fits


I’m guessing people are just going to boo everything non pro-Corbyn? Good stuff




It’s good this


wants to appeal to tory voters :white_check_mark:
wants to be prime minister :white_check_mark:
“brexit means brexit” :white_check_mark:


wants another referendum :white_check_mark:


Owen just goes '‘uuuauuauaagghhhhHHHHH AM GONNA FUCKIN KILL MYSELF!!’