Are there things you like watching, listening to, reading or eating when you’re ill?

I love watching Dennis Potter stuff for some reason. Feels kinds nice to mess with your own head when you’re rough. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?'s another good one.

Tend to eat a lot of instant mashed potato with beans and either cheese, eggs, corned beef, etc. Basically baby food, with lots of fizzy orange Lucozade.

got a habit of watching all of Spaced if i’m off ill, dates back to school

will usually watch Fargo (1996) at some point as well

Gilmore Girls

It’s so soothing, the worst thing that happens in seven seasons is that a rich girl steals a boat for a bit

Read all the game of thrones books over a two month period in 2013 when I had a nervous breakdown.

The 1995 BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice
Disney or Ghibli films

Favourite music to listen to with a hangover/headache - Mew, because it’s lovely and there’s a lot of soft sounding, dreamscapey stuff so it’s good for snoozing but because it’s interesting and engaging, it anchors me.

I like to eat carbs.
Chocolate when it’s that t of the m.

I used to be partial to a bowl of smash with cheese and pesto.

Peep Show’s my main main comfort tv
hummus with pitta bread, cheese toasties or will make some soup if i’m up for it. big bag of crisps, and a bar of chocolate. ice cream or yoghurt if it’s a sore throat

To read -
Regency romance. My kryptonite is enemies to lovers type stuff.
Or a good, griping psychological thriller.

I passed the heaviest cold of my life by playing the undercooked GTA ripoff True Crime: Streets of New York on PS2 and drinking hot lemon squash. Really fondly recall that time, save for the being unable to stand up bit.

I once had to lie on my side for three straight weeks, waiting for blood to drain out of my aqueous humour after being shot in the eye with a BB gun. Street Fighter Alpha 3 (still my favourite fighting game of all time) had just been released and there were hidden characters requiring significant effort to unlock.

Street Fighter for me.

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Dennis Potter if you have full on flu I can see being really quite something.

I like old movies - 40s and 50s American b movies especially anything with a noirish feel. Or Columbo. Mad Men i really like rewatching so that.

Food is just crackers if I’m properly I’ll.

Scrambled eggs for me

When i had flu last year i lived off boiled eggs in the day when my bf was at work because i couldn’t stand up long enough to cook anything else

Kryptonite is something that harms you or you are averse to. I hope someone gets fired for this blunder.

Rarely been sick without a headache and they completely incapacitate me for any sort of concentration so I don’t think so

It’s something that weakens you.
Regency romance makes me weak at the knees :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

Grapes and instant noodles

Lord of the Rings

I find the music and the scenery (especially the mountains) very comforting.

(Just checked that I can play DVDs on my PS4 and I can apparently. Excellent)

Listening to a lot more ambient / slowcore-y stuff. Labradford and Zelienople go really well with a cold

Also being ill is a good excuse to play vidja. In the case of being ill, particularly good is a big open-world hoofer where you can just be immersed in a big old setting where you’re not having a horrible time coughing and sneezing but instead having a grand old time being torn apart by giant scorpions

For some reason, It’s Always Sunny strikes me as good moderate ill comfort-watching. If I have to have a Lemsip, it takes me ages to be able to finish it, so there was a point when I’d take a Lemsip up to bed and drink it over the course of 2 Always Sunnies. Nice memory, weirdly

Always Sunny is a go to. BoJack Horseman is becoming that way too. Peep Show and the Thick of It. Previously Blackadder, but I’ve seen it all so many times I can’t really watch them any more.

For drama I’d go for something compulsively binge-y. Probably series 1 of the Wire. Or West Wing if I need something comforting and far-fetched.

Gaming - mega man all the way, or Ffvii if I’m feeling really ambitious.