Questions about Moomins

So you know the parents are called Moomin Papa and Moomin Mama, and their boy is just Moomin - well, did they like start off Moomin and then earn the name or were they like growing up with the name Papa and Mama or whatever?

Also is it set in our world because it doesn’t seem so but then they go on holiday to just regular human places?

Speaking of humans why aren’t they a little more perturbed by these sentient grey rounded things hanging about?

What is their general aim?

And why is the girl one not called anything to do with moomin? The rest of them clearly are.

Why the fuck are they wearing so few clothes, either you need them or you don’t motherfuckers

How does the Dad read Agatha Christie novels where the fuck did he get that

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can’t help ya soz pal, no clue what moomins are about

VERY suspicious imo



Yeah he doesn’t stay so cool in the face of raw human emotion

Let’s agree to ignore whatever the fuck happens at the end with the hippo policeman cosplayer

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Hey @Ruffers I think you should read this book, it’s genuinely amazing and beautiful even though it’s technically a children’s book and you will definitely identify with the main character,204,203,200.jpg

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I don’t even know who he is but I know I’ve been compared to him before already :t_rex:
That’s some good linking btw

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Still brings a tear to my eye to this day :black_heart:

Yes I am a professional linker

They just want to dream and plant potatoes in peace. Don’t you know anything Rory?

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The dad has a midlife crisis and decides they’re all gonna go off to live in a lighthouse at one point.

Moomin’s girlfriend is called Snorkmaiden. She has a brother called Snork. I guess It’s good he is not dating his relatives.

They are also brother and sister.

Moominpapa was raised in an orphanage, so it’s an adopted name I think. Might have been ironic initially but there’s a yearning for (and distrust of) the traditional family dynamic running through a lot of his (often wilful and reckless) behaviour.

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Think I’ve said this before on the boards but I found moomins terrifying as a kid.

You realise it’s the same in human world. You’re not a mama or a papa unless you are a parent. …or I guess, were in the mamas and papas or have some sort of niche fetish.

Yeah that’s the question though, is it the same as in real life, but what confuses matters further is their “given” name as such is just the name of their species - whereas every other moomin gets a proper name and stuff.

I’ll level with you, this is beyond my area of expertise, however there must be a behind the scenes documentary with interviews with the cast that might answer your questions.