Questions about time



someone is meeting me at 12am

does this mean they are meeting me in an hour or in 13 hours


13 hours


12am is midnight, dawg.


Probably both.


is it though


it is


i seem to remember being taught in primary school that:

12:00:00 = 12am
12:00:01 = 12pm
00:00:00 = 12pm
00:00:01 = 12am

This is obviously wrong and I would like to publicly denounce the entire staff of Littlegrove Primary School.


10am :arrow_right:️11am​:arrow_right:️12pm


is it though


yep, definitely. no-one in their right mind would agree to this as a system


@ma0sm and I had a great discussion about this on the uncategorized board. Come and join in!



no such time


It’s either 12 noon or 12 midnight. PM or AM would refer to the moment after those times. Maybe.




but wikipedia disagrees?!?


please guys don’t let this thread get over 25 replies of earnest discussion


Well, let’s ask @JDonBalonz, who I believe was named Lord and Keeper of the Annals of Time a while back.



Why don’t you drop them an e-mail and ask them?