Questions you have about children's TV shows as an adult


So in the Peter rabbit show the fox guy tries to eat them all the time. He never gets them. But he also hasn’t died yet, so what animals is he eating?

In Thomas the tank engine, the trains are sentient, yet still need drives and firemen. So… Are the alive? Or just slaves trapped by the fat controllers rule?

I don’t understand how in peppa pig the queen can be human, but everything else is anthropomorphic animals.


Why is Peppa Pig such an arsehole?


fuck Thomas and the Isle of Fernando or whatever it’s called. It’s well brexit.


you what?


Fernando/Mordor whatever


is iggle piggle full of gear?!


How are Molang and Piu Piu able to look after themselves?


pretty certain that the whole of In the night garden is just the dying delusion of a shipwrecked Iggle Piggle.

Makes the show a lot more bearable if you keep that in mind.


In the Night Garden: Why haven’t the Pontipine children been taken in to care? Their parents regularly lose them and allow them to stray in to dangerous situations. And, is Upsy Daisy banging Iggle Piggle?

Something Special: I do not believe Mr Tumble is capable of living alone. He seems unable to perform the most basic of tasks and his personal well-being is at serious risk.


In Rainbow, why did Bungle, George and Zippy wear pyjamas in bed, but wear nothing during the day?


Thomas is the worst. Should be renamed Annoying Twat Trains Get Their Comeuppance


Fireman Sam is a massive cunt


hold up: Bing! What the FUCK is going on there??? Their parents are tiny little pole people??



But elvis is a dude.


Gets bullied a bit though, no? He could 'em for constructive dismissal I reckon.


But he should not be allowed to work for the fire service.


Makes a mean omelette I hear.


I can’t decide if he repeatedly rescues Norman because he’s a massive cunt, or because Norman is his illegitimate son.

Maybe both.


Bing is a strange one. Fucking Mark Rylance. The Oscar and Tony winner.


Why hasn’t Mayor Goodway been fired for gross incompetence?